The Well

young adult fiction- published July 2005


Nicci's yearning for change and excitement after moving to the small town of Caldwell Creek, fueled by the relentless teasing of two popular classmates, provokes her to impulsively commit a small crime. The events that followed led to a horrible accident, and Nicci disappears from the face of the earth, plunging 10 feet below the earths surface into an abandoned well. As Nicci struggles to survive, and the townspeople rally together in their search to find her, the powers of good and evil challenged their souls. 

The only witness to her disappearance is a fleeing convict who is running from his own demons.  Coincidence?  Or divine intervention?  

Facing a raging thunderstorm overhead, a jealous classmate who'd rather have her dead, and a witness too terrified to get involved, Nicci fights to survive...but not alone.

The town of Caldwell Creek, where nothing exciting ever happens, will never be the same...especially after God delivers Nicci from The Well and sends her down the path along Rachel's Journey (the sequel).  


I find it a privilege to be chosen

 as an instrument in the magnificent orchestra of life. 

I'm constantly amazed how far the scales can reach and how sweet the music sounds when we follow the hand 

of the Great Conductor. 

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