About the books


The Well

God blessed me with a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and a fulfilling career. But there was a light inside of me that was burning dim.  I wanted so much to open the window of my soul and reveal the light within.  So I prayed, "God...use me and my talents in a way that would glorify Your Name."   

He gave me "The Well".

rachel's journey (the sequel)

The hardest part about writing a book is the ending for me.  But by God's design, He led me gracefully to the ending of "The Well", which was the beginning of "Rachel's Journey."  The most exciting part of this journey was not knowing where it would lead me, or how it would end.   I thank God for guiding me down the right path and for the wisdom to know how to follow Him.

Jack...the trilogy...the truth

Jack is the powerful conclusion of the inspiring story of friendship and Divine intervention to accomplish God's Will in the lives of three young people, which began at The Well, continued along Rachel's Journey, and ended where it all began...in the quiet town of Caldwell Creek where nothing exciting ever happened...until now.

Angels of El Roi

angels of el roi - synopsis

Aaden Chen was ten years old when his parents argued for the last time, after which his father left for a business trip and never came back.  Fueled with anger towards the mother he blamed and a broken heart for the father that disappeared from his life, Aaden was drawn deeper into a life of petty crimes, influenced by a high school gang called the "Robbin Hoods" who controlled his every move. His last attempt to impress the gang members went from bad to worse when the SUV he stole held a frightened five year old girl in the back seat, and the car-jacking turned kidnapping sent Aaden into a panic that nearly cost them both their lives.   

Lea Rizzo is the opposite of Aaden in every way, as light is to darkness, as evil is to good.  The attraction between them was undeniable, yet left unspoken, as neither could imagine being a part of each others life.  But their worlds collided the night Lea found herself caught in the middle of an armed robbery, with Aaden as an accomplice, forcing her to choose between abandoning or protecting the boy she loved.

Officer Jack Dalton knew them well.  He recognized the fear and pain in the eyes of the kids that filtered through the Juvenile Department of the Parkersburg Police Department because he had seen it in himself. Once a teenage runaway from an abusive stepfather, Jack resorted to a country wide crime spree to survive. When his journey ended in a small town where he found his purpose and a family to love, Jack was given a second chance at life, and has vowed to do the same for the troubled kids of Parkersburg, before it is too late. 

The Angels of El Roi is a powerful example of how God uses the strength of others to defend the helpless, and an intriguing reminder that we are not on this journey alone. From an earthly dove to His heavenly hosts, God commands His army of angels to guide the lost and protect the powerless to accomplish His Will.  



Aleta- the little winged one


Why did God make the butterfly?

What purpose can its brief life hold, 

but to display yet another miracle of nature.

A complete transformation- 

from captive cocoon to transparent wings of wonder.

Delicate and silent in nature,

yet captivating its audience until the wings dance no more. 

Has it a purpose other than to make way 

for the next generation to come?

Can we compare?

From infancy to adolescence to adult,

what a beautiful transformation our Maker has planned.

But it is what's hidden beneath our fleshy cocoon that matters the most.

It's where our change begins.

For no matter how beautiful or grand our wings are when we mature,

it's the heart within that determines our flight.

So fly, 

you beautiful creature of Christ.

Spread  your wings and let the breath of God carry you to the heights 

which He has predestined you to soar.

No matter how brief, no matter how far...

and do not be afraid.

For your life has a purpose,

and your journey ahead is foreseen by the Author of the wind.

He will use you, 

He will guide you, 

and He will sustain you

until you are called to rest your radiant wings

 in the palm of your loving Father's hand.

The White butterfly

The white butterfly first appeared to Nicci in "The Well", symbolizing a guardian angel of protection and comfort.  I named her Aleta, which means "little winged one".   

Aleta also appeared in "Rachel's Journey" as a symbol of guidance and strength to Nicci's best friend, Rachel during her battle with leukemia .  

In the trilogy, "Jack", 

Aleta and an army of angels rallied behind Jack as he was led to save both Nicci and Rachel from danger and disease in this powerful story of friendship and God's Will in the lives of these three young people.

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