Jack...the trilogy...the truth.

young adult fiction - published october 2007


Jack fled from California at the age of nineteen, away from a forgotten past and an abusive stepfather, and committed small crimes across the country in order to survive. His journey led him to Caldwell Creek where he was the only witness to a terrifying accident when twelve-year-old Nicci Styler fell into an abandoned well. Jack stopped running from the demon in his past long enough to save her life. But he soon found himself thrust in the middle of another young girls struggle to survive. Nicci’s best friend, Rachel, is battling leukemia, and Jack is the bone marrow match that could keep her alive.

In a series of riveting twists and turns, Jack uncovers the shocking truths about his past while his sinister stepfather plots against him to destroy the friendships and the new life he worked so hard to build in Caldwell Creek.

Jack is the powerful conclusion of the inspirational story of friendship and God’s will in the lives of three young people, which began at The Well, continued along Rachel’s Journey, and ended where it all began, in the quiet town of Caldwell Creek where nothing exciting ever happens.


                      To God -


The true Author of my words,

the Creator behind my creativity,

the Giver of my dreams come true.

Thank you for allowing the red balloons, for without them your Glory could not be revealed.

Thank you for the white butterflies, for with them Your presence was made known.

Thank you for all who walked along side me on my journey, for without them the story could not have been told, 

because of them the message is clear, 

and with them your Name is praised.



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