Rachel's Journey

young adult fiction-published nov. 2005


Rachel's journey began the day she was diagnosed with leukemia. But the fear of the disease was not as crippling as the thought of facing it alone when her best friend, Nicci, fell into an abandoned well.  Nicci's brush with death was witnessed only by a fleeing convict who was running from his own haunting demons from his childhood.  But Divine intervention connected the three of them in a series of climatic events that led them on a journey together to save Rachel's life. 

Rachel's Journey is a gentle, uplifting, and powerful reminder of how life, no matter how tragic or terrifying, can be used to influence the lives of others, and how our trials and challenges are necessary to bring us to a place that God has predestined for us.  

epilogue -

Life is like a rose bush.  Many beautiful friendships grow and bloom along the path.  Some friendships whither and die. Others are meant to be cherished and pressed between the chapters of our book of life.  Along our journey we will be pricked by many thorns.  Call yourself blessed if you have family and friends close enough to care if you bleed.  

Behold the majestic sight waiting at the top of the stem of your life's journey...the Perfect Rose, the One who planted the seed, who pulled you from the dust, who allowed the thorns, and who will add you to His heavenly bouquet when your season of fragrant bloom is over. 

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