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Come along on the journey.  It's taken me seven years to complete it, but the exciting part is knowing where one journey ends, the other begins.   The challenge is knowing which path to take and trusting fully in the One who is leading you. The exciting part is the unexpected turns along the way.   Anything accomplished along the way is all for the glory of God, who guides me and instructs me, and then sits back to see what I can do! 

With each new day, God grants me a chance to fulfill new dreams, create new hopes, and to experience the beginning of a new chapter in my life.   As I turn the pages on the next chapter, I hope to be blessed to continue speaking to school children and share my story of becoming an author, the way God prepared me for this journey, and the message of friendship and hope and God's predestined Will in our lives!  Won't you come along?

My first novel. It’s where the journey began...

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The sequel to “The Well”. 

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Jack...the trilogy...the truth!

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