Rebecca Scaglione, Author

Rachel's Journey

Young Adult Novel - Fiction
(Published November 2005)

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     Rachel couldn't imagine feeling any more frightened after her diagnosis of leukemia, that is until her best friend, Nicci, disappeared.  Two days of searching, along with the divine intervention of a guardian angel, led the search to an abandoned well where they found Nicci alive.  Little did either girl know, Nicci's brush with death would ultimately lead to Rachel's chance for survival of the leukemia that threatened her life.  It is a journey that began at the well, crossed many twisted paths along the way, and ended where it all began.

    Rachel's Journey is the captivating, inspiring, and dramatic sequel to The Well.  As Rachel's battle with leukemia brings her closer and closer to death, a desperate plan is undertaken by Nicci to find a donor match to save Rachel's life.  The terrified young man that made the anonymous tip which ultimately saved Nicci's life was drawn back into town, first out of curiosity, and then out of desperation to belong, to be accepted, and hopefully to be loved.  But he remained in the shadows.

    None of them had a choice but to take this journey together because God had led their way.  It was all part of His master plan.  And so it began.

    Rachel's Journey is a gentle, uplifting, and powerful reminder of how life, no matter how tragic or terrifying, can be used to influence the lives of others, and how our trials and sufferings are necessary to bring us to a place that God has predestined for us.  It is a magical blend of circumstances that prove at the end of the journey, if you pay attention, you can look back and see where it all began.

Rachel's Journey began at...The Well. 

What people are saying...

They are page turners and have a great message.  It is so nice to have positive works of literature for our children...        Lake Center Christian School, Hartville, Ohio

It's nice to read a good story about faith and hope-there can never be enough of that in our lives... 

                                                                                      Sharon, Chino Hills, CA

I shed a few tears while reading it...  

                                                                                      Dick, Mechanicsville, VA

I couldn't put it down and finished in one sitting.  I just had to find out the ending...    

                                                                     Sue Wells, Author of "Spiritual Boot Camp"

I read it and loved it, and used it for a book project at school... 

                                                                                             Sarah, New York

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